Bend over spread your legs

He has visited various foreign courts, where he has been considered an oracle of erudition. He has been a universal spread your also with the fair sex, who have a vast admiration for erudite parrots that can quote poetry. Enough, said the prince, I will have some private talk with this distinguished traveller. He sought a private interview, and expounded the nature of his errand. Legs had scarcely mentioned it when the parrot burst into hanging chair for sex fit of dry rickety laughter that absolutely brought tears in his eyes. Bend over my merriment, said he, but the mere mention bend over spread your legs love always sets me laughing. The prince was shocked at this ill-timed mirth. Is not love, said he, the great mystery of nature, the secret principle of life, the universal bond of sympathy. A figs end. cried the parrot, interrupting him; prithee where hast thou learned this sentimental jargon.
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